My First Blog Post!

WOW ………  What a day!

What a journey ahead of me – I’m excited 🙂

This is my second attempt at a blog – but back then (a few years back) I had no idea where to begin or what to do.  Today – on a lovely sunny Monday Bank Holiday here in the UK, I am sitting here, after having been to Church and ready for a new beginning – a new journey and – I hope – along the way, to bring some of you with me to a better place on your journey.

You see, I’ve been there where a lot of you maybe right now – not knowing where to start and what to do – and then some of you may also be where I am right now – trying to connect all the dots.

A few years back (@ 3-4 years) I started on this internet journey.  I bought into the ‘get-rich-quick schemes’; shiny objects – ‘make a million $/£ in three months, or even 1 week – I still have lots of those old products and ebooks that I bought way back, but didn’t work.

I also suffered with ‘information overload’ !!!!  I’m sure you’re all with me there.  It hasn’t gone away, but it’s A LOT better.  You see, through all the muck and mire – all the shiny objects – I’ve realised a few things and learnt a lot of things along the way.  You cannot do everything on your own.  You need to follow someone whose been there and done the journey – and hopefully avoid the mistakes they made to get where you want to be quicker.

NOW I have to put ALL THE DOTS TOGETHER.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I realised that I had to stop buying – and TAKE ACTION.

So here I am today – on the first day of what I’m sure will be an exciting journey.  I hope to help some of you – even a lot of you who come across my blog, and guide you in the right direction so that you don’t make the same mistakes, or even take as long as me to ‘TAKE SOME ACTION’.  I thought I had to make sure everything was perfect before I started – to learn ‘everything’ before I started.  NO – I WAS WRONG!   I need to take action now – starting today.

So I hope some of you will come back and visit my blog again – follow my journey, and hopefully you’ll pick up some ‘golden nuggets’ along the way.  I hope so, as I know what it’s like to struggle.

Have a great day everyone – wherever you are in the world!

Please post any comments, I would love to hear from people that are starting on their journey in their online business.  Let’s do it together!

Helping You To Move Forward!


Great first post – well done on moving forward.
I look forward to following your journey. Good luck!

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